Prof. Mgr. Jindřich Štreit


1960–1963 Grammar school, Rýmařov
1963–1967 Faculty of Education at Palacký University, Olomouc, specialization in primary education and visual arts for lower secondary schools
1974–1977 School of Art Photography of the Union of Czech Photographers, Prague
2000 Higher doctorate, appointed senior lecturer in the Department of Photography at the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Music and Drama, Prague


1967–1976 headmaster, elementary school, Sovinec
1976–1982 headmaster, elementary school, Jiříkov
1982–1983 librarian, Regional pedagogic centre, Bruntál
1983–1990 controller, State farm, Rýžoviště
1991–1994 coordinator of cultural activities, Regional office and museum, Bruntál
1990–2003 external teacher in the Department of Photography at the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Music and Drama, Prague
1991–1993 external teacher in the Department of Visual Media at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (VŠVU), Bratislava
from 1991 teacher in the Institute of Creative Photography at the Arts and Sciences Faculty of the Silesian University, Opava


1972–1974 The Man. North Moravia, CZ.
1974-1975 Roma without Romance. North Moravia, CZ.
from 1974 Children. Europe, Japan, USA.
1975–1978 Backstage (Theatre of Life). CZ.
1977 Photographs from Travels. Brunswick, Germany.
1978–1990 The Village (Village is a World). The Bruntál region. CZ.
1988 The Aš Region [Project of Gallery 4, Cheb]. West Bohemia, CZ.
1991 Croix Rouge / The Red Cross. Reims, France.
1992 14 Looks at the Saint-Quentin District. France.
1992 The Women’s Prison. Pardubice, CZ.
1992–1993 Der Hof / The Farm. Eggenburg, Austria.
1993 The Benedictines. The Benedictine Monastery in Praha-Břevnov, Prague, CZ.
1993 Oberon in Joinville. [Cycle of photographs on staging a puppet theatre performance.] Joinville, France.
1993 Family Houses Rýmařov. [Cycle of photographs from a factory in Rýmařov producing prefabricated houses]. Rýmařov, CZ.
1993 The English Village. Crook, England, UK.
1993–1995 People of the Olomouc Region in the ’90s of the 20th Century Seen Through the Eyes of Jindřich Štreit. Olomouc, CZ.
1993–1994 On Being a Man to Man. [Cycle of photographs of handicapped people.] Olomouc, CZ.
1994 The Rohan Quay. Lorient, France.
1994–1995 The Mikulov Region. South Moravia, CZ.
1994 The Luby region.[Project of Gallery 4, Cheb.] West Bohemia, CZ.
1994 People of Wertingen. Wertingen, Germany.
1994–1999 People from the Flatlands. Hungary.
1995 People of Akagi, Japan
1995 People from the Wear Valley County (an English village). Crook, England, UK
1995–1996 Photographs from Moravský Beroun. Moravský Beroun, CZ.
1996 Photographs from the Festival. [Cycle from a film festival], Augsburg, Germany.
1996–1998 In Other Eyes. People of the Wetterau Region. Wetteraukreis, Germany.
1996–1999 The Road Towards Freedom. Czech Republic.
1997 4 A. [Cycle on the 4th form at Slovanské Gymnázium in Olomouc], Olomouc, CZ.
1997 At the End of the World. Siberia – Burjatsk [Project of the foundation Project on Man, Brno]. Burjatsk, the Russian Federative Republic.
1998 People of the Pot Ash Basin. Alsace, France.
from 1998 The Slovak Village. Slovak Republic.
1998–2000 Among Us. [Project of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic], Czech Republic.
1999 People from Podlesí. Dobrš, CZ.
2000 People of the Třinec Steelworks. Třinec, CZ.
2002 Far Away From Home. Novorosijsk. Russia.
2002–2003 Together. [Project in cooperation with the civic society Together (Spolu) Olomouc]. CZ.
2002–2003 Behind the Curtain. [Project of the State Opera, Prague], Prague, CZ.
2002–2003 Ways of Life. Czech Republic.
2003 Faces Behind the Wall. China
2003 So Close and Yet So Far. Chechnya and Ingushetia, Russian Federative Republic.
2003–2004 Children of Vizovice Seen Through the Eyes of Jindřich Štreit. Vizovice. CZ.
2003 and 2005 People of My Region. [Project of the Museum in Bruntál]. Bruntálsko, CZ.
2005 Miners of Petrosan. Romania.
from 2005 The Jesuits. Rome and the Czech Republic.


The Unus group (from approx. 1974)
Union of Czech Photographers (1974–1982, 1990)
registered with the Czech Fund of Visual Art 1982–1990
Association Q, Brno (from 1990)
Association of Olomouc Artists, Olomouc (from 1991)
Umělecká beseda (Artists’ Union) – visual arts section, Prague (from 1991)
Aktiv volné fotografie (The Active of Independent Photography) at the Prague House of Photography (from 1989)
Unie výtvarných umělců České republiky – Asociace fotografů (1991)


more than 1350